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Agape Power Martial Arts family self defense karate jujutsu aikido techniques christian martial arts Marietta Georgia

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Transform your mind and your life at Agape Power Martial Arts!
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Your APMA experience will be personal and powerful as you forge your mind, body, and spirit to
peak performance through proven training methods that keep you motivated and energized.

APMA’s Stego kids™ program strengthens the critical life characteristics of Respect, Focus, and Discipline while optimizing health and self defense capability. Our Teen and Adult classes classes offer comprehensive self defense and classical martial arts training in an exhilarating teamwork focused environment that will ignite your passion for life.

APMA training also develops Dekiru, a Japanese term meaning “to be able”. Dekiru gives you control over body and mind to answer the dynamic nature of life’s encounters for the achievement
of goals and advancement of all.

Have fun while you challenge yourself, reach your goals, and positively impact your world!
APMA is a service to our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 12:3-8).

- Robin and Claire Redick - Founders, Agape Power Martial Arts

Robin and Claire also serve respectively as Minister to Youth and Financial Secretary for GracePointe Marietta church. Agape Power Martial Arts is part of the Christian Martial Arts Network and the International Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists (IFCMA).

fellowship of Christian martial artists

Considering martial arts for you or your family? Here are five great reasons to say APMA!

  1. APMA is friendly, family oriented, and confidence building!
    • Our students say training at APMA is fun, valuable, and empowering! Check out our feedback!
    • Students are not pitted against each other. They help each other succeed!
    • We build each individual’s passion to achieve!
    • Confidence learned in class leads to reduced stress and a more enjoyable life!

  2. We offer a full range of self-defense skills and even environmental rescue training!
    • Our program is filled with reliable answers for the most common assaults faced by men, women, and children!
    • Our techniques are exciting to learn and very effective!
    • Students are prepared to protect themselves or others on the go and at home!
    • Students learn how to aid others during unforeseen emergencies!

  3. Our training is great fun and outstanding exercise!
    • APMA classes are invigorating! We incorporate aerobic activity, exciting physical challenges, and even music exercises!
    • Love tumbling, jumping, kicking, striking, throwing, joint locks, or historic warrior tools? They're all here for you!
    • Many schools offer just one or two of these, but historic martial arts included them all! We preserve the tradition!
    • Our teachers and coaches employ creative and fun ways to ensure that skills are graspable and obtainable!
    • We take our training seriously but still laugh and have a great time!

  4. Skills learned are applicable to other critical success areas!
    • Key success traits including focus, stamina, mental capacity, and leadership can be applied at school, on the job, and in personal relationships!
    • These key traits become deep rooted through positive training!
    • Martial Arts training and Music education are cited by scientists as the two top complements to academic learning!
    • Teamwork is a core element of our training!
    • Practice promotes great health, reduces stress levels, and helps students properly cope with challenges!

  5. We demonstrate upstanding values!
    • Training at APMA fosters positive outward thinking!
    • Students show goodness to others and elevate their communities!
    • Regular outreach events help students appreciate what they have plus minister to those in need!

Agape Power Martial Arts is a family run and family friendly program. Our self-defense curriculum is second to none. Training is fun, exciting, dynamic, and beneficial to heath. Knowledge learned in class bolsters success in life. APMA builds individuals of upright character, and we actively seek opportunities to care for others and foster generosity!

Does this sound like a place for you? Schedule a trial class today!

Proud Parent? At Agape Power martial arts, your kids will learn valuable life skills!

kids martial arts karate kids karate aikido martial arts training Martial Arts Marietta christian martial arts self defense marietta georgia

Our Stego Kids™ program fosters inner assurance and respect for others through these key enablers.

  • Highly practical self-defense techniques!
  • Exciting physical challenges!
  • Partner training!
  • Team problem solving!
  • Great exercise!

Students discover personal strengths, build new friendships, and forge inner confidence to achieve personal goals. Exhilarating activity keeps class energy high, and our PCP (Praise, Correct, Praise) encouragement training style brings out everyone’s best.

APMA's self defense curriculum is second to none!. Our students learn reliable answers for the most common assaults faced by children today. We care enough for our kids to arm them with practical tools plus the knowledge to use them appropriately. They leave our classes aware and prepared!

Agape Power Martial Arts also organizes enriching fellowship activities throughout the year that each student has the opportunity to attend!

  • Community mission events
  • Student celebration nights
  • Holiday parties and other fun gatherings
Stego Kids prices and class schedule

Teen or Adult looking for dynamic and practical training, great fellowship, or even coaching opportunities?

kids martial arts karate kids karate aikido martial arts training Martial Arts Marietta christian martial arts self defense marietta georgia Our Agape Warriors teen and adult program builds physical and mental awareness, strategic decision making, and lighting fast responsiveness. These crucial skills benefit not only self defense but every area of living! Agape Warrior classes are dynamic, full of energy, and great for stress relief!

Students who train with us become powerful martial artists, able to handle the most common (and feared) real life assaults with practical answers that work! Our students are also strong life achievers who accomplish goals, view their communities positively, and are always finding ways to make them even better.

Our Teens and Adults also have exciting opportunities to serve as Encouragement Coaches and bring out the best in others through affirming knowledge sharing. Coaching is a great chance to be a positive role model, have fun, and deepen personal understanding. Plus, Encouragement Coaches save $$ on training!

Agape Warriors prices and class schedule

Earn a black belt you'll be proud of!

Both our Stego kidsand Agape Warriorsprograms provide the opportunity to earn a black belt well in tune with today’s environmental challenges! Agape Power Martial Arts™ students handle challenges resolutely, with confidence that they are valuable, and with an attitude that all individuals deserve to be treated with care and dignity.

APMA’s black belt curriculum merges the most valuable techniques from karate, daito ryu aikijujutsu, Jujutsu, Aikido, and Ninjutsu to shape powerful marital artists who are energetic, skillful, strong, agile and flexible critical thinkers. On the journey to black belt, APMA students gain deep rooted understanding of what martial arts are all about. They become able to learn across styles and appreciate the value of each.

Benefit from First Class Personal Safety Training!

At Agape Power Martial Arts™, we teach students to protect their beings with extremely powerful yet benevolent self-defense techniques. Our methods of employing karate, daito ryu aikijujutsu, Jujutsu, Aikido, and Ninjutsu techniques for protection of self and others are used by leading personal safety experts plus professional peacekeepers around the world who’s lives and ability to protect others rely on having tools that work.

  • Tokyo metropolitan riot police
  • Israeli special forces
  • United States Marine Corps
  • Police depatments across the United States

APMA's safety curriculum is loaded with power packed prevention, disruption, end escape techniques for handling the most likely modern self-defense, protection, and rescue scenarios!

Don’t just take our word for it! see for yourself!

StegoKids™ Rank levels, program focus points, and test samples

Agape Warriors™ Rank levels, program focus points, and test samples

Dekiru™ Warrior Weapons Kihon certifications (these specialized certifications are not required as part of our core programs)

"The house on solid rock will weather the storms and shine in the sun, while a house built on sand will not stand."
(Matthew 7:21-27)

Stego Kids™ and Agape Warriors™ programs - schedules and prices

Ninja ninja Aikido Taijutsu ninjutsu agape power martial arts Christian martial arts self defense personal safety marietta georgia training school dojo

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Ninja ninja Aikido Taijutsu Karate karate ninjutsu agape power martial arts Christian martial arts self defense personal safety marietta georgia training school dojo

Core Systems


More information

self defense karate Karate classes martial arts ninjutsu ninja aikido marietta georgia Agape power martial arts Christian martial arts Dekiru training school dojo

Karate (way of empty hand) as the strong foundation. Striking with the hand, foot, knee, head, and elbow. Koppo Karate emphasizes vital point strikes and includes grappling concepts.

Self Defense tools (Strategic striking, grappling, and body movement) of Ninjutsu (system of enduring) for maximum self defense effect. Physical conditioning. Environmental awareness. Conflict avoidance.

Physics of Jujutsu (art of softness), AikiJujutsu, Aikido. Mental focus and body coordination. Benevolent conflict resolution. Pins, joint locks, and throws use an attacker's energy against him.

Top defenses against common violence! Living with peace, self-control, and perseverance.

More on Karate

More on Ninjutsu

More on Jujutsu

Personal Safety statistics and focus points

Our Martial Arts Instructors

Robin Eugene Redick

Ninja Ninjutsu taijutsu sword self defense Aikido aikikia iwama yoshinkan training akido training power martial arts Christian martial arts kids teens personal safety!

Robin Eugene Redick is an acknowledged expert instructor of martial arts and personal safety, community leader, and martial arts Hall of Fame inductee with over 20 years of experience. In addition to holding black belt ranks in several Japanese, Chinese, and American martial arts, Robin is a certified Police Arrests Command and Control instructor and personal safety instructor. He is also a Georgia certified educator of Science, Health, and Physical Education.

Martial arts specializations: Koppo Karate, Jujutsu, Ninja Taijutsu, Aikido (traditional and police methods), Bodyguard methods, Kenjutsu (sword), Bojutsu, Jojutsu, and Hanbojutsu (long, medium, short staffs), kakushi buki (Hidden weapons), Ukemi/Tumbling, and Cardio TaeKwondo. Taiho Jutsu (police tactical response, command, and control) certification awarded by awarded by Kyoshi Max Andrews, former White House security agent and police officer. Child personal safety. Self-defense for women and men. Emergency (environmental) rescue.

Robin and his wife Claire operate Agape Power Martial Arts™ as a “by family for families” ministerial program. In addition to weekly training classes, APMA provides opportunities each year for students and their families to come together for fun and fellowship.

APMA in the community
Robin and Claire’s upright reputations and passion for service have earned APMA opportunities to teach, demonstrate, and speak at local and national public safety events, youth gatherings, women's organizations, churches, martial arts seminars, and ministry in action events. APMA also hosts safety workshops for youth, women, and children.

Other missions for Robin and Claire
Outside of APMA, Robin and Claire serve as youth ministers for GracePointe Marietta church, managing middle school and high school programming plus community mission work. They have also served in ministry as Deacon, Sunday school teacher, and childcare helper.

Scholastic education: Master’s degree in International Business/Business Administration. Georgia certified educator of Science, Physical Education, Business. Professional certifications in Leadership, Education, Project Management, Digital Design, and Illustration. Extensive background in music. Robin draws on a well-rounded knowledge base to instill in students a love for life and the skills to accomplish goals.

Personal Motivation: Knowing firsthand how faith, dedication, and hard work can overcome adversity, Robin uses martial arts training to help others succeed in their personal goals. As a child, Robin battled atopy, asthma, and ADHD. He also experienced a broken home and lived for a time in poverty stricken and dangerous environments.

Thanks to continual encouragement from God-loving and caring individuals who never let him accept indolence as a way of life, Robin became a disciplined student and health enthusiast. APMA was developed to serve others in a like manner.

Bible quote: “(Agape) love bears all things” (1 Corinthians 13:7).

  • The original Greek word for love was "Stego - to cover with a roof, protect, shield, or endure for". APMA's Stego Kids™ program is named for this.

View testimonials about Robin and APMA here!

Sean Kelly

Sean is one of our program’s encouragement coaches. Sean serves in ministry at Roswell Street Baptist Church as Director of technology. He served in the United States Navy for 5 years.

Sean has been married for 13 years and has 2 awsome children, who is a blessing to everyone around her.


A special thank you to all Agape Power Martial Arts Encouragement Coaches!!

Encouragement Coaches are specially trained to bring out the best in others through affirming knowledge sharing. It is a great chance to be a positive role model, have fun, and deepen personal understanding.

Current coaches: Rafael Casillas, Sean Kelley, Veronica Olsen, Michael Michael

Thank you!

Find us

Find the Church: From anywhere on GA 120 (South Marietta loop), follow the loop to Atlanta Street and turn South (away from Marietta Square). Follow Atlanta Steet 1 mile and find GracePointe Marietta on the left (1st traffic light/corner of Atlanta and Dixie).

Find the training room: Drive behind the main building on the right hand side. Park and go directly into the opened lit doorway. Get ready for a great time!

ninja Ninja ninjutsu aikido karate agape power martial arts Christian martial arts christian martial arts kids teens self defense marietta georgia
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ninja Ninja ninjutsu aikido karate agape power martial arts Christian martial arts christian martial arts kids teens self defense marietta georgia
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I look forward to fellowship and training with you. We will all grow by learning from each other.

Robin Eugene Redick

Self-Defense for Real People - APMA safety seminars!

grab assault

grab assault

grab assault

grab assault

Host a life changing APCMA safety and development event at your church or facility!

Safety God’s way! is our Biblically grounded community safety program. We come to your location and provide powerful tools to help caring people stay safe and live as lights in a beautiful but sometimes misguided world.

Laugh, fellowship, and learn critical life skills in a caring ministry environment that places God first and respects people as his creations!

1-2 hour sessions are available on weekend evenings and tailored to your audience!
  • Kids!
  • Teens!
  • Moms!
  • Dads!
  • Family sessions!
  • Adult females!
  • Adult males!
  • Mixed groups!

Each session contains the components listed here! Sessions can be tailored to focus more heavily (or even entirely) on one area!


Physical Techniques

  • Looking and feeling confident!
  • Bully Smarts!
  • Stranger Smarts!
  • Safety best practices at home, around town, and even in cars!
  • Handing criticism!
  • Resolving conflict!
  • Overcoming peer pressure!

Practical and proven defense techniques for the most common encounters experienced by upstanding citizens! Tailored to your audience!

  • Hitting assaults!
  • Grabbing assaults!
  • Shoving assaults!
  • Haul off attempts!
  • Home and vehicle safety!
  • Rescuing others
  • Loving your Neighbors God’s way!
  • Committing to treat with love (1 Corinthians 13)
  • Loving the “unlovable”!
  • Seeing no “enemies”!
  • Helping others!
  • Living as lights (examples)!

grab assault

full personal safety group

full personal safety group

Value priced for ministerial budgets (as little as $15 per person - minimum attendance #s and travel for out of town sessions apply)!

Schedule your adventure today!

Phone: 404-444-6713

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Christian cartoons to help you live by faith!

Have a comment or question about Agape Power™ Martial Arts or Ninja Billy comics?  Send us an email at rfa_ma@yahoo.com!

Agape Power™ is a Christian values Martial Arts program dedicated to building
Wise, Kind, and Confident individuals who are ready to Succeed.

Agape Power™ provides powerful self protection, great fun exercise, and fellowship through the study or Christian values oriented martial arts.
Ninja Billy is a comic strip dedicated to helping people live by faith and act with courage through humor.

Ninja Billy comics were created by and are the property of Robin Eugene Redick and Agape Power™ Martial Arts.
Robin can be contacted at rfa_ma@yahoo.com

Ninja Billy™ Agape Power Martial Arts™, and Stego Kids™ are TM © 2012-13 Robin Eugene Redick/Agape Power™ Martial Arts All Rights Reserved. You must obtain prior written permission from Robin Eugene Redick before using, in any form or by any means, any of the images, likenesses, names or related content.












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